A Cut Above Catering started in 2003 when my sister and I catered for a friend's work seminar. We absolutely loved doing it and from there the business has had a life of it's own growing year by year. My sister is now in the gourmet food business overseas and I have continued on with catering in Sydney. I love the variety of catering from small private dinner parties, to beautiful high teas through to great big cocktail parties!

Word of mouth keeps a steady stream of clients coming our way. We still cater for our very first client and are grateful for many similar long lasting relationships with clients. 

I have always loved food combined with entertaining. We eat with our eyes first and presentation is so important to me. It must be delicious too of course. I'm always exploring new recipes and get such joy from testing new dishes and ingredients.

I am a qualified nutritionist and focused on making food not only delicious but nutritious too. I enjoy sharing my recipes and nutrition tips through cooking classes and workshops and hope to make your life that little bit easier and tastier.

One more thing, I love taking food photos which can be annoying for our kitchen team when I stop everything to climb on a chair and take a snap. Please join me on instagram, facebook and our blog where you'll find recipes, entertaining ideas, nutrition tips and more.